Message from the President

Aiming to be a company that creates a fashion business
like no company has done before via the challenging spirit of each employee

Since the company's inception in 1947, we introduced numerous highly distinctive brands, including AVIREX, a historically significant American brand of flight jacket, such as Schott NYC - one of very few companies who still continue to produce the leather garments at their own factories in the US, and MANASTASH - the outdoor oriented fashion brand born in Seattle, We also operate high fashion retail stores nationwide, which offer an array of products selected under the store's own concept centering on international brands, such as B'2nd, Royal Flash, and L.H.P. These brands and stores, which were discovered and established by unique ideas and the challenging spirit of our employees, constitute valuable assets for our company.

Moreover, we possess an abundance of functions and information, covering imports, product planning, production, wholesale, and retail to develop our business by leveraging the combined strength of these functions.

Our aim is to realize a fashion business that takes a form similar to that of the solar system, where brands and stores glitter like planets orbiting the sun on their own trajectory. Upholding “the original and novel business that no other company can provide” as the driving concept, the company’s planetary system has achieved steady growth in niche markets and intends to accelerate its ongoing growth into the future.

Our brave, challenging spirit has taken root as our corporate style and is an integral part of our corporate culture. Based on this culture, we wish to be a company that develops together with employees while actively incorporating innovative ideas and proposals on new stores and brands.
In the future, we intend to fulfill our role as a leader in the apparel industry by delivering intriguing products that herald the next trend, while proactively developing new business styles and branching out internationally.



Our wholesale operations utilize manufacturer-based importation, product planning, and product management functions and sell imported brands purchased from overseas sources, licensed brands, and original brands to casual shops nationwide on a wholesale basis. Ueno-Shokai endeavors to cultivate brands while seeking to retain all brands with which it deals, as well as maintain positive, long-term business ties. We propose brands that meet the needs of consumers and consistently offer products to the market that are a step ahead of the times.



Versatile company stores that offer the latest fashion information. Each group store pursues fresh fashion flair based on a unique concept and selects products from international quality designers and domestic artists. They have achieved steady growth by challenging the existing market with an original approach. Their products, carefully selected under the motto of “exciting feelings of anticipation,” have gained extensive support from customers and the media.


Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel

Private label specialty stores consist of AVIREX - an American flight jacket brand, Schott - a motorcycle jacket brand. By taking advantage of manufacturerbased importation, product planning within our company and offering a complete lineup, brand concepts and images are expressed by each store. AVIREX and Schott are directly managed by Ueno-Shokai Co., Ltd. nationwide as outlets selling apparel for men, women and children.


Corporate Overview

Company name Ueno-Shokai Co.,Ltd.
Address Odakyu Southern Tower 6F, 2-2-1 Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-8583
Capital ¥496,820,000
TEL. 81-03-5352-0710
Representative Fumihiko Hasegawa, Honorary Chairman
Shigehiko Onodera, Chief Executive Officer
No.of emproyees 500
Corporate Profile ・ Planning, production, and importation of men's wear, ladies' wear, and kids' wear.
・ Wholesale to specialty shops and department stores.
・ Retail sales at company shops.
Affiliate company ・AVIREX SHANGHAI TRADING CO.,LTD [China business]
Financial institutions MUFJ Bank Ueno Chuo branch
Sumitomo mitsui Banking Corporation Ueno branch
Mizuho Bank Ueno branch
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